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What's the difference between a golf teacher and a golf coach?

A teacher gives you what you want. But a golf coach gives you what you NEED.

For 17 years, I was teaching golf. Whatever my players wanted, I delivered.

Better driver swing? Done.

More consistency? No problem.

I gave them what they wanted, and I was damn good at it. And yet, never once did my students tell me they shot lower scores or shot the lowest round of their life.

That didn’t sit right with me. To me, golf is about lower scores - not perfect swings!

So I decided to change my approach.

I invited a group of 20 golf players to my academy for a special 4 week bootcamp. 

I told them NOT to bring their clubs, they were not going to need them.

I broke down the game of golf into 4 simple steps in front of them.

Over the next 4 weeks, we met 4 times, and each time I explained to them one of the 4 steps.

After the 4 weeks were done, we all came together one final time to discuss their progress.

What happened next changed my life forever.

My group had massive success.

One player previously shooting in the high 70s, finally broke 70 - he shot 68.

A lady shooting high 90s, shot the lowest round of her life - 83.

My most touching moment came with a senior golfer that was about to quit the game.

I begged him to give me these 4 weeks, and managed to convince him.

He was averaging 105-110. After 4 weeks, he was improving.

But after 2 months, he came to my office, closed the door… and broke down crying.

He broke 90. He never thought he would do it in his life.

That hit me hard, my friend.

And I realized right there and then, that’s what I want to do. I want to change lives.

I want you to shoot lower scores - and I want you to have fun doing it!

I was no longer a golf teacher. I was a golf coach.

And my students started shooting the lowest scores of their lives.

Join the most effective online golf coaching program on the planet

What golf players say about the 4StepProcess™

PGA Golf Professional | Rich Dukelow
Amateur Golfer | Joe Romaine
Amateur Golfer | Chip Borkowski
High School Coach | Chad Pohlmann
Amateur Golfer | Michelle Carlson
Amateur Golfer | Jim Lee

Join the most effective online golf coaching program on the planet

The 1st step of the 4StepProcess explained


Join the most effective online golf coaching program on the planet

What our members say

"The 4StepProcess™ helped me to identify my weaknesses and how to practice more purposefuly.  I credit the 4StepProcess™ for being able to win the Illinois PGA Section Championship!"

Travis Johns, PGA

“The 4StepProcess™ has made me think differently when playing golf.  It’s playing smarter and practicing with a purpose.  Using these basic concepts allowed me to win my first ever Club Championship!”

George Bozonelos

“My golf handicap is 14.5 and I was very interested in learning more about the 4StepProcess™.  After a few months of practicing with a purpose, I shot my career low 9 hole round – 33!  Yes that is 3 under par!!!  Plain and simple – the 4StepProcess™ works!”

Bo Proczko

“The 4StepProcess™ is by far the best investment for your golf game.  I was shooting in the high 70’s and within a few weeks I shot a career low round of 69 which included a 31 on the back nine!  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I could break 70!”

Chuck Smith

“Before I started using the 4StepProcess™ my average score was 135.  Within 2 months of adopting the 4StepProcess™ I shot my lowest round ever – 99!”

Carol Ann Page

“The 4StepProcess™ is a game changer for anyone who wants to shoot lower golf scores.  I truly believe the weekly live coaching calls helped me shoot my lowest round of golf ever – 91!”

Greg Michels

Join the most effective online golf coaching program on the planet


What you get inside the 4StepProcess coaching program


4StepProcess Coaching Program

✔  Access to the 4StepProcess™ Online Platform
  Weekly Live Coaching Calls
  Guest Speaker Coaching Calls
  Access to the 4StepProcess™ Video Library 
     (Over 300 PGA Instructional Tips)
  Access to the 4StepProcess™ Community
  Weekly Game Improvement Plans
  Custom Scorecards to Track Your Game
  Custom Practice Cards for Game Improvement

About me

The 4StepProcess™ was designed by PGA Golf Professional and Coach, Chad Johansen.  Chad still plays a great game of golf, achieving his career-low round of 63, carded at Blackberry Oaks, where he is the PGA Head Golf Professional. Chad may have an impressive game, but what's more impressive is his unlimited passion for the game of golf and ability to coach others to achieve their potential on the golf course.


"I believe that in order to be successful at golf, you must learn the right mental approach and understand how to manage your game on the golf course, I designed the 4StepProcess™ to achieve that!"
PGA Golf Professional & Head Coach, Chad Johansen

Join the most effective online golf coaching program on the planet



Join the most effective online golf coaching program on the planet

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