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The 4StepProcess™ has revitalized my game. It allowed me to identify my strengths and weaknesses. I followed the suggested practice routines and skills tests which allowed me to eliminate any weaknesses in my game. I used the 4StepProcess™ in the fall of 2019 and it helped me win the IPGA Professional Championship. Thank you for all you help Chad!

Travis Johns, PGA Professional

Incorporating the 4StepProcess™ into my golf game helped me focus on scoring instead of golf swing. I was able to pinpoint my weaknesses and make them my strengths. I am a smarter, more well-rounded player due to the 4StepProcess™ and I firmly believe this process helped me qualify for my first ever major championship (United States Senior Open.) Thanks Chad!

Rich Dukelow, Medinah Country Club

The 4StepProcess™ has made me think differently when playing golf.  It’s playing smarter and practicing with a purpose now. I know where to spend my time practicing. The 4StepProcess™ simplified the game of golf by forcing me to eliminate the penalties.

George Bozonelos

I just to tell you the 4StepProcess™ has made golf so much fun. At 64, I am having a riot. When I get checks on the card and get par or bogie I call it...“CHAD STYLE”. Completely changes my approach to the game. About to tee off right now….. LET’S GO - CHAD STYLE!

Jim Vitiello

The 4StepProcess™ is an extraordinary learning and improvement tool for golfers of all skill levels. It is a very cohesive well thought out approach to both the technical and mental aspects of the game. I truly believe that anyone who commits to this program will absolutely shoot lower scores and thereby increase the enjoyment of playing this wonderful game.

David Hochberg

Chad, just a note to let you know that the 4StepProcess™ instructional info and zoom meetings are of great value even in this time of quarantine and turmoil. Definite improvement in my putting and chipping...even if most of it is in the living room and back yard. The 4StepProcess™ is a game changer for anyone who wants to SHOOT LOWER SCORES. Keep up the excellent coaching.

Greg Michels

As an amateur and a professional, I have always felt my scores didn't reflect what I was capable of. After practice rounds and tournaments, I would keep track of Fairways Hit, Greens in Regulation, and Total Putts. These stats never helped point out where I was losing strokes. Within a few rounds, the 4StepProcess™ helped point out exactly what I needed to work on most to lower my scores. As opposed to golf instruction that teaches you how to swing, the 4StepProcess™ teaches you how to practice and how to score! It truly is a unique, fun, and most importantly effective way to learn for all players.

Robert Sweno, Head Golf Professional

The 4StepProcess™ changed my game. Before I started the 4StepProcess™, I thought the only reason I wasn't shooting low rounds was because I wasn't hitting the ball far enough. I thought I needed to be hitting drives 280-300. Boy was I wrong. The key to my success was managing my short game. With the 4StepProcess™, Chad gave me the tools to lower my score every time I went out and played. With the 4StepProcess™, I went from a high 80s low 90s golfer to averaging low 80s high 70s. Thanks Chad for changing the way I attack the golf course!

Matt Johnson

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the 4StepProcess™. As a high school golf coach, and NOT being a PGA professional or trained instructor in golf, your program has, and will continue to, allow me to develop and monitor each player’s progress and growth with their development and scoring capabilities. The ability to use the teaching aids and videos to focus each individual player on the areas they need the most work on is an absolute game-changer for our program. The simplicity of the scorecard, the thoroughness of the guidance and the value of the training videos should re-shape the way all coaches approach their jobs. Thank you for providing us such a great opportunity to provide our program with a consistent message and monitoring tool while making it easy and rewarding for our players! As always, thank you for putting your heart and soul into the development and growth of junior golf!

Russ Huggins

I’m 57 years old and have played golf since I was 6 years old. For the past few years golf had become frustrating because my scores were higher, I was no longer consistent, and I had no measurable improvement. The game I used to love had become something that was no longer fun. I wanted to stay competitive but felt my game was slipping away. Then I was introduced to the 4StepProcess™ and everything began to change, fun came back to the game because it completely changed how I measured improvement. I no longer used score as an indicator of success. I went through the course and identified my weaknesses and concentrated on the true scoring aspect of the game. This year I’ve got my handicap down to a 5- year low, 2.1, become more consistent, and I have shot 2 of my lowest 9- hole scores ever, in only 8 rounds. This program works if you follow the process!

Most importantly, I love playing the game again because I measure success not by score but by eliminating blowup holes, making as many 4 foot putts as I can, and finishing every hole with the ball I started with. I am a true believer in the 4StepProcess™ because it made me love this game again.

Jeff Heimerdinger

The 4StepProcess™ is one of the best things that I have been introduced to in my golf career. I have never been one to always practice what I need to, I would always do the same routine when I would go to practice even if there was a certain part of my game that needed attention to it. Doing the scorecards that you provide define my weaknesses for me and allow me to practice the correct way and turn my strengths into weaknesses. The 4StepProcess™ will also hold me accountable for my game which is what I need if I want to take my game to the next level. Just being in the early process of this I can already tell that it’s improving my focus on the game and my mindset. I can’t wait for the future!

Scott Boyajian

We often hear about course management being the biggest key to the amateur golfer’s game.  The only thing missing is the “how.”  The 4StepProcess systematically shows you how to think your way around the course and use your own data to set up practice plans to improve every facet of your game.  I don’t hit the ball any farther (or better necessarily), but I consistently score better than I ever have using the simple scorecard to track my game. More than any club, training aid, or piece of equipment, the 4StepProcess™  has been the best investment I’ve ever made in my golf game.

Jason Buckley

The 4StepProcess™ is an unbelievable helpful platform to get you better at the game of golf. For me it has made me more discipline, more positive, and makes me think more about what the best play is. The 4StepProcess™ has made me better at turning my bad rounds into good rounds and my good rounds into great rounds. And it all comes back to “keep the ball in play and have a short game”. I think about that constantly while on the golf course now!

Craig Schlegal

I have the blessing of being able to winter in Florida, although we are back in Illinois right now. My putting this winter has been awful. I applied (and practiced) a few of the putting tips you suggested and I had my best putting round of the year, including 3 birdies. The equidistant putting stroke (back & forward the same amount) seems to work for me. Thank you so much for everything you do. The 4StepProcess™ is the real deal!

Doug Christoff

I am really impressed with the 4StepProcess™ because it unequivocally identifies the weak spots in your golf game so that you can address.  It doesn't identify what you "think" you need to work on, but factually brings it out, front and center.  This will really help me out.

Bo Proczko

The 4StepProcess™ is a game changer for me. This is only my 4th year playing golf and the process let’s me see the game from another perspective. My first time using the scorecard I shot an 81 at Blackberry Oaks. This is still one of my best rounds to date. 4StepProcess™ is the real deal!

Lake Turner

Your 4StepProcess™ is the first truly new approach to lowering handicaps I have seen in my 55 years of playing golf I played small college golf and all my coaches used the same “beat balls” mostly re-in forcing bad habits I attended many golf seminars in my 14 years at Nike golf - same result- little improvement. Your coaching process puts practice in a new light. Understanding my game. Looking forward to keeping up improving with your 4StepProcess™.

Mike Schroeder

As the head coach of a high school golf program I cannot say enough about the positive impact the 4StepProcess™ has had on our program. I believe it has done two powerful things. First, it has taught us to have purposeful practice sessions where players are truly working on their weaknesses. 2 second it allows are players to play the real game of golf. We have eliminated tension. We focus on scoring. Not swing. Outstanding program.

Chad Pohlmann

The 4StepProcess™ is eye opening! It has taught me that sometimes bogey isn’t a bad score. Playing the smarter shot over the more risky shot will take double or triple bogey off the scorecard. The 4StepProcess™ has shown me my weaknesses which has allowed Chad to set up a practice plan that is tailored to my individual golf game. Chad is a true innovator and a great a coach that will do anything to make players better!

Kevin Klug

I’m a huge believer in Coach Chad and the 4StepProcess™. I have played golf at the highest level and have obviously used thoughts that the 4StepProcess™ teaches in the past, but the way Coach Chad has presented the approach has changed the way I will attack a golf course and practice to produce more consistent scores. Something every golfer should strive for!!

Jamie Schmitt

For those unfamiliar with Chad’s 4StepProcess™, pay attention. There are a lot of golf gimmicks out there, this is not one of them. This is simple process that will help the beginner, seasoned amateur or competitive pro golfer. It is is a data driven approach that will point you to the right areas to work on and immediately provide you the tools to do it. It’s simple, effective and is definitely catching on. I recommend you try it.

Jim Waugh

The has helped me identify my specific weaknesses. Knowing the worst score following this process is a bogey is a great feeling! In my first 3 rounds of golf using the 4StepProcess™, I shot 69, 71 and 73 while having zero double bogeys+! Thank you for changing my mindset on the golf course and showing me how to practice with a purpose. I can’t wait to play my next round of golf!

Jason Johansen

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