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The 4StepProcess™ was designed by PGA Golf Professional and Coach, Chad Johansen.  Chad still plays a great game of golf, achieving his career-low round of 63, carded at Blackberry Oaks, where he is the PGA Head Golf Professional. Chad may have an impressive game, but what's more impressive is his unlimited passion for the game of golf and ability to coach others to achieve their potential on the golf course.


"I believe that in order to be successful at golf, you must learn the right mental approach and understand how to manage your game on the golf course, I designed the 4StepProcess™ to achieve that!"
PGA Golf Professional & Head Coach, Chad Johansen


The 4StepProcess™ is a unique online platform that Guarantees Lower Scores! You will have immediate access when you join today!

  • STEP 1:
  • In Step 1 Chad talks about the importance of accountability and mindset in order to get the most out of the 4StepProcess™, and to play your best game of golf ever and much more...

    Highlights Include:

    Introduction to the Golfing Mindset

    Overview of the Ball Flight Laws

    Learn the 5 mistakes that create high scores

    Learn the 3 keys to lower scores

    Entering the Scoring Zone in regulation
    Access to our library with over 275 videos
     Access to the 4StepProcess Golf Community
     Access to Weekly Live Coaching Sessions
    Challenge #1 of the 4StepProcess™ 


  • STEP 2: 
  • In Step 2, Chad provides feedback on Challenge #1, and talks about the real game of golf, and how this will surprise you, plus so much more... 

    Highlights Include:
    Break down golf into 2 parts

    Getting Down in the Scoring Zone

    10 Keys to Scoring

    Tracking 2 numbers on your scorecard

    Improve your wedge play

    Improve your chipping

    Improve your pitching

    Challenge #2 of the 4StepProcess™


  • STEP 3: 
  • In Step 3, Chad provides feedback on Challenge #2. He loves this part, because he reviews his game with you, and then talks about where most golfers get their equipment wrong & so much more. This is a game-changing lesson for putting! 

    Highlights Include:

    4StepProcess™ score card

    Hole completion review process

    5 skills needed to shoot lower scores

    Why most golfers have the wrong equipment

    4 main factors for superior putting

    Improve your long putting

     Improve your short putting
    Challenge #3 of the 4StepProcess™


  • STEP 4: 
  • In Step 4, Chad provides feedback on Challenge #3. He knows you've probably already shot the lowest score of your life after the first three steps, but it doesn't stop there....

    Highlights Include:
    Your new scorecard IS your caddie

    The Purposeful Practice Card

    How the best players in the world practice

    Build your purposeful practice sessions

    The two types of practice

    Setting up your practice card

     How to execute your practice plan!

    Practice with Pressure

     How to test yourself
    Challenge #4 of the 4StepProcess™


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